Wouldn't It Be Great To Share... Document Editing?

We are beta testing new collaborative document functionality -- creating and editing content with the Workbench Collaborative Document component
Added by Tom 11 months ago

The developers at Bluedog are hard at work continuing to solve team collaboration problems. We are beta testing a document collaboration module for Workbench that will enable invited users to co-author content, live, right in the browser. This functionality requirement sprang from the need to avoid lost effort from passing around word processing documents and trying to synchronize edits and updates. Worse, not long ago we encountered the dreaded corrupt Word document problem, losing hours of effort. Nothing is worse than staying up all night to finish an assignment only to find the file won’t open on someone else’s computer.

We are already using Workbench as an online storage locker for versions of documents in various formats. But authors using the forthcoming Workbench Collaborative Document component will never have to worry about corrupt or lost files, all the while being able to share in real time edits and new content with team members. When a document is ready for release, simply download in the format needed — .doc .docx .rtf or whatever.

Nothing worse than giving someone a file they can’t open. With the new Workbench Collaborative Document component, simply share the link to your document on the Internet. If the recipients have a web browser and permission from you, they can view (and edit, if you give them permission) the document.

By far the best feature of the new Workbench Collaborative Document component is the ability you gain to work collaboratively with others. Simply create documents to share with team members — no more worrying about the latest versions of the document or how many times it has been revised. Allowing everyone to work on the same document at the same time can increase productivity and save time. Versioning, commenting, and review/approval workflow are slated for inclusion in the upcoming release.