What's the Most Efficient Proposal Process?

Using a tried-and-true proposal development process yields the best results.
Added by Tom 12 months ago

At Bluedog, we follow a standardized approach to the development of proposals. We start with the storyboarding of a possible response, once you have made the bid/no-bid decision. We manage the kickoff meeting with team members with respect to the baseline development. We follow a series of steps with gate reviews (color-coded to industry standards). Bluedog’s subject matter experts help with theme development and provide hands-on assistance with management reviews. Our automated tools support the process, of course.

Successful proposals show certain hallmarks, starting with the adoption of a proposal development methodology, and refining it for your needs. Success is aided by well-defined roles for the team with responsibilities laid out, guided by a compliance matrix that is regularly consulted. Communication of action plans and validation of your understanding of the government’s requirement will strengthen your value proposition. Finally, show comprehension of the agency customer environment, their “pain points,” and focus your message by avoiding boilerplate.

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