CRM with Workbench

Workbench is more than collaboration for project teams -- it supports your business development lifecycle processes.
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ISO 9001 identifies the minimal requirements for a quality management system (QMS), while CMMI underscores the need for continual process improvement. ISO 9001 promotes organizations to adopt a process approach, with management exercising leadership by promoting awareness of this approach as a management strategy. Plan and control the processes on which your organization relies, as a system. With CMMI, you can craft repeatable processes for software development and process improvement. Your customer relationship management (CRM) processes should also be treated as a repeatable process that you can improve.

Use Workbench to manage the capture and proposal process. Start with a more streamlined environment. Begin with a document archive that contains your best previously-written proposal content and graphics, along with other capture- and proposal-related data. Manage this as you would any other project. Assign everyone a task, or even break them up into subgroups to tackle an assignment. Assign due dates and milestones. Keep everyone updated on the status of the project. Once workflows have been established, and your organization has a baseline, follow a maintenance schedule. Track capture, proposal development, and your "win" rate.

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